Petroleum Derived Waste

SEAB is providing engineering advanced cost-effective technologies and processes designed to treat all types of oily based waste material. Our fundamental advantage is not only minimizing waste, but also converting it into beneficial products.

Municipal Mixed Waste

SEAB in partnership with waste management entities provides Integrated Solid waste and resource management solutions in management of municipal and industrial solid waste with impressive waste reduction and recycling goals.

Service contracts

SEAB is able to provide solutions via service contracts to address waste problems. From oil skimming operation to treatment, we deliver tailor made service contracts to address a broad spectrum of customer needs. A specific service contract will be provided after an in-depth understanding of each project specifications.

Our vision

SEAB aims to be at the forefront in the waste processing and energy recovery market by providing leadership in the advancement of environmentally responsible Waste-to-Energy (WtE) solutions. Implementation of our solutions provides economic incentives for our customers, stakeholders and partners. It also fulfills the social and moral responsibilities we have as a global inhabitant.

Our strategy

SEAB’s strategy is set to:

  • Work with companies across all industrial and commercial sectors to provide energy from waste and forge sustainable working partnerships with customers thereby ensuring maximization of waste recovery potential.
  • Work closely with network of dedicated waste suppliers to fulfill all waste management and recovery requirements, whether large or small, by processing waste through joint service operations with our customers.
  • Consolidate sales in foreign markets through partnerships with third parties and local companies that add value to our applications.
  • Support and participate in environmental initiatives in the EU that seek to use waste as a resource for WtE applications.