Regarding to the recent violence happening in Iraq, we would like to clarify the situation of the SEAB and the ongoing work progress at Bajwan site.

As it is indicated in the following map, “Mosul” and “Tikrit” are the only cities which faced the recent violence by now, though Tikrik is apparently under control by the government. On the other hand, ISIS who caused this violence is basically a Sunni group and their main concern is to take over areas in which Muslim inhabitants are living, while Kirkuk is mainly populated by Kurdish and Christian citizens.

In addition, due to the geographic and strategic situation of Kirkuk and Erbil, where SEAB’s sites will be established, these cities are being considered extremely important for Kurdistan and Iraq governments and therefore are always under protection and security of the local army.

Besides, according to the agreement, North Oil Company (NOC) area in which Bajwan site is operating, is being highly protected and secured by the Iraq army and hence security of this area is guaranteed.

Therefore hereby we do ensure that the recent violence  will not affect SEAB’s plans at all and we are continuing our project according to the schedule.