SEAB in partnership with waste management entities provides Integrated Solid waste and resource management solutions in management of municipal and industrial solid waste with impressive waste reduction and recycling goals. SEAB approach to solid waste management through WtE is fundamentally sound. WtE provides far greater environmental benefits than would be obtained if waste were managed through usage of landfills. At SEAB, with access to best available technologies, we provide complete decision making consultancy, engineering, construction, and project management services to provide WtE solutions. Even greater environmental benefits could be obtained with more efficient employment of WtE facility, in conjunction with substantial improvements to the local area’s recycling program.

Our solutions for municipal and industrial waste are mainly based on thermal processing technologies through our selected partners. SEAB provided technologies operate well within all environmental conservation permits for the emission of regulated pollutants. At SEAB, we can demonstrate that the use of WtE and recycling compared to landfilling produces significantly lower volumes of greenhouse gases and uses far less energy.