RRM Energy AG is our partner to provide business development and financial assistance where required.

Iraq Ministry of Environment is our partner who helps us with supervision regarding environmental issues.

Iraq Ministry of Oil is SEAB customer.

HEAD engineering AB is a Swedish pioneering engineering company specialized in supervision, design, and delivery of the complete plants including project management, conceptual design, detailed design, installation, and operation for process industry such as oil recovery, pulp & paper, renewable fuels, and chemicals.

AKKAD NZ PROJECTS are our parner which supports us in plant construction. AKKAD NZ PROJECTS are leading the way in new and fresh design, meticulous project management and construction to outstanding services. They have been in the business of construction for over 20 years, delivering cost effective, quality and timely solutions.

North Oil Company (N.O.C.) is a state company within the Ministry of Oil of Iraq, the activities of NOC is within oil and gas production. The company’s geographical operation area spans the following governorates: Kirkuk, Nineveh, Erbil, Baghdad, Diyala and part of Hilla and Kut. The company carries out the duties of producing crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas Fields situated in the northern half of Iraq.