Crude oil is a mixture of different hydrocarbons possible to create semi-solid and heavy sediment mixed with sand and other inorganics. Oily sludge is a common problem in pipeline, storage tanks and other facilities in oil plants. It is not only an environmental problem rather a production issue since it reduces the operation capacity. Oil sludge in wellhead equipment and transfer pipes may also cause damages to pumps and other facilities. On the other hand, conventional mechanical methods to clean the sediments are harmful for the environment and humans causing cancer, genetic change and immune system damage. Our thermo-chemical proven solutions will separate hydrocarbons from solids while transferring them into liquid phase without any external heating. The process creates stable solution that prevents re-crystallization even in normal temperature. By-products of the process are completely environmentally friendly with no discharge to the environment or change in oil characteristics. The reaction does not produce any hazardous gases and the inert atmosphere in the storage tanks will be neutral. The process recovers oil out of the sludge sediments, which can be pumped again into the production lines. Separated clean solids and water can easily be moved from the tank with no risk of hydrocarbon contamination.

Our chemical process can reduce cleaning time into three days with no direct human

interaction and environmentally friendly products. The same concept with change in process design is also applied in pipeline cleaning and for other equipment with sediment problems. Comparing to mechanical cleaning of pipelines, our thermo-chemical solutions provide faster and more cost effective method. We also provide specific thermo-chemical process design for well cleaning and damage removal. Wax, paraffin and asphaltene sediments in production tubing and perforation cause significant production costs. Each well needs specific operation design but well cleaning operations in average will be reduced to two or three days with immediate effect in production increase. In addition, there will be no side effects on well equipment with environmentally friendly products.

Key benefits

  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Flexible and adjustable operation to customer needs
  • Versatile applications
  • Fast process
  • Oil recoveries for re-use
  • High efficient and cost effective process
  • Operational safety